Limited Submission Funding Opportunities

The Office of Research Initiatives is responsible for administering the nomination process for limited submission funding opportunities. The sponsors of such opportunities will only accept institutional nominations and/or limit the number of applications that an institution may submit. In such cases, announcements are circulated which provide the application requirements and deadlines for the internal competition and ad hoc committees are appointed to review applications and assist in the selection of the University's nominees. To allow adequate time for a review and selection of final candidates and to enable the nominee(s) to complete the final application, internal deadlines must be set well in advance of official sponsor deadlines. The following link provides an overview of the Limited Submission Selection Process.

Please Note: The Office of Research Initiatives maintains several email listservs through which it announces these programs. If you do not receive such emails and wish to (or conversely, prefer not to receive such emails), please contact

Conflict of Interest in Limited Submission Review Process
In order to assemble a committee of judges knowledgeable in the fields relevant to a limited competition, potential conflicts are often unavoidable. To manage this issue fairly, the Office of Research Initiatives strives for complete transparency and aims to avoid direct Conflicts of Interest throughout each internal committee process. Limited Submission Conflict of Interest Policy 

Annual Opportunities