2004 Winners



David Helfand

The Columbia Astrobiology Center

Szabolcs Marka

Timing Systems in LIGO

Chee Wei Wong

Nanophotonics in Nanocavities

Howard Shuman, Michael Goldberg

Earth Microbiology Program at Lamont



 2005 Winners


Samar Khatiwala, Mark Cane

Newton-Krylov Methods for Spin up of Ocean Climate Models

Klaus Lackner, Alan West

Development of a High Temperature CO2 Separation Membrane



 2006 Winners
Brief Project Descriptions


Bruce Berne, Julio Fernandez

Folding Trajectory of a Protein

Kartik Chandran, Brian Mailloux,  Shahid Naeem, Raymond Sambrotto

Global Nitrogen Genome Project

Victor de la Pena, Yochanan Kushnir, Upmanu Lall

Space-Time Dynamical System with Application to Climate Change

Zoltan Haiman, Lam Hui

Dark Matter/Dark Energy from Gravitational Lensing Surveys

Dan Kabat, Janna Levin, Lam Hui

Big Bang, Black Holes, and the Cosmos

Dalibor Sames, David Sulzer

Development of Flourescent Neurotransmitter Analogs as Probes



2007 Winners
Brief Project Descriptions


Steven Nowick

Asynchronous Interconnect Fabric for Parallel Processors

Eric Greene

Integrated Approach to Nanoscale Bioscience

Peter Kelemen

Natural Carbon Sequestration in Ophiolite Peridotites

Latha Venkataraman, Colin Nuckolls

Force & Conductance Measurements of Molecule Junctions



2008 Winners
Brief Project Descriptions


Lance Kam, Hynek Wichterle, Larry Shapiro

Bioengineering Approaches to Study Neural Circuit Assembly

Maria Uriarte, Ajit Subramaniam, Chris Small, Andy Juhl

Microbes, Mariculture, Forests and Fog in Southern Chile

Benjamin O'Shaughnessy, Michael Sheetz, James Hone

Integrating Quantitative Modeling and Nanoengineering with Cell Biology to Unravel the Mechanisms of Cell Migration

Elizabeth Miller, Julio Fernandez, Michael Sheetz, Stephen Sturley

Biophysics of Membrane Deformation during Vesicle Formation

David Waltz

Early Warning Device to Allow Epilepsy Patients to Live a More Normal Life

Brian Cole

Electronics for the ATLAS Zero Degree Calorimeter



2009 Winners
Brief Project Descriptions


Aniruddha Das

Re-Interpreting the Braining Imaging Signal

Raimondo Betti, Nicola Chiara, Haim Waisman, Huiming Yin

ISPEM (Integrated Sustainable Policy Economic Model)

Harmen Bussemaker, Richard Mann

Decoding the In Vitro and In Vivo Target Specificity of Hox Proteins

Virginia Cornish, Ruben Gonzalez

Beyond the Adaptor Hypothesis: The Role of the Amino Acid in the Regulation of Protein Synthesis

Stephen Rayport

GLS1 as a Novel Therapeutic Target for the Pharmacotherapy of Schizophrenia



2011 Winners
Brief Project Descriptions


Graham Barr, Emlyn Hughes

Pilot Study of Polarized Helium-3 Lung Imaging at Columbia University Medical Center

Dirk Englund, Jonathan Owen

Development of a Multifunctional Diamond Biochemical Sensor Platform 

Chris Marianetti 

A New Approach to the Interacting Phonon Problem

Szabolcs Marka

CARMA BioNavigation and Neural Data-Processing

Ansaf Salleb-Aouissi

Understanding Infantile Colic via Machine Learning



2012 Winners
Brief Project Descriptions


Martin Stute, Cantwell Carson, Juerg Matter, Klaus Lackner, Ioannis Kymissis

Development of a Compact ICOGS Detector for Real-Time Radiocarbon Measurements Near Ambient Levels

Wei Min, Virginia Cornish

Active Controlling Protein Motion Inside Live Cells by Magnetic Fields

Ioannis Kymissis, Elizabeth Olsen

Toward a Highly Spatially Resolved Cochlear Implant with Localized Sensing and Stimulation

John Hunt, Ruben Gonzalez

Transmembrane Transporters

Michael Tippett, Suzana De Camargo, Adam Sobel

Towards Long-Range Prediction of Tornado Activity



2013 Winners
Brief Project Descriptions 


Tanya Zelevinsky, Daniel Wolf Savin    

Laser Cooling of an Organic Molecule

Bradley Johnson

Development of a Superconducting Detector Array

Valerie Purdie-Vaughns, Daichi Shimbo, Matthew Burg, Julie Spicer

"Cells to Society" approach to reduce racial achievement gaps

Jonathan Dworkin, Ruben Gonzalez

Regulation of Ribosome Recycling

Venkat Venkatasubramanian

Center for the Management of Systemic Risk

Caleb Scharf

Columbia Astrobiology Center



2014 Winners
Brief Project Descriptions


V. Faye McNeill, Scott Banta

Bacteria in Atmospheric Aerosols: Survival in Extreme Environments, and Unexpected Impacts on Atmospheric Chemistry & Climate

Peter Kelemen, Alissa Park, Heather Savage, Marc Spiegelman, Sarah Lambart, Cian Wilson, Greeshma Gadikota

Experimental & Theoretical Studies of Reaction-Driven Cracking in Natural & Engineered Geological Systems

Franklin Lowy, Anne-Catrin Uhlemann, Andrew Rundle, Carolyn Herzig, Susan Whittier, Kathryn Neckerman

Development of a New York City Antibiotic Resistome Map: Identifying Neighborhood & Individual Level Factors that Contribute to the Prevalence of Antimicrobial Resistance in the Community

Dana Pe'er, Peter Sims

Computing a Transcriptional Trajectory for B-cell Development at the Single Cell Level

David Schiminovich

Public Skies: Networked Sensors for Science & Surveillance via Government/Public Partnerships

Christine Hendon, Sheldon Feldman, Hanina Hibshoosh

Optical Coherence Tomography Imaging for the Early Detection of Ductal Carcinoma In Situ



2015 Winners (Press Release)
Brief Project Descriptions


Barclay Morrison & Steven Kernie

A Novel Biomechanically-Based Approach for the Treatment of Brain Swelling After Injury

James Hone, David Schiminovich & Ioannis Kymissis

Novel Boron Nitride Deep Ultraviolet Sensors and Light-Emitting Diodes for Astrophysical & Biomedical Applications

Joaquim Goes, Tony Jebara, Ryan Abernathey & Helga Gomes
Data Sciences Institute News Release

Inferring Spatial Heterogeneity in Marine Phytoplankton Using Fluid Dynamics & Bayesian Machine Learning Techniques

Nima Mesgarani & Sameer Sheth

Neurobiology of Robust Speech Perception in Human Auditory Cortex

Timothy Bestor, Jingyue Jue & Jim Russo

Single-Cell, High-Resolution Methylation Profiling for Personalized Medicine

Virginia Cornish & Robert Kass

Genetic Encoding of Fluorescently Labeled Membrane Proteins in Mammalian Cells for Live-Cell Imaging



2016 Winners (Press Release)
SEAS News Announcement


Mingoo Seok & Stefano Fusi

Designing a New Generation of Low-Power Neuromorphic Memory for Pervasive Sensing Devices Having Online Learning Ability

Ben Holtzman, Douglas Repetto, Felix Waldhauser, John Paisley & Dan Ellis

Listening to the Physics of Earthquakes, with Applications to Geothermal Energy Production

Molly Przeworski & Joe Pickrell

A New Approach to Studying Natural Selection in Humans

Christine McCarthy, Colin Stark & Liming Li

Laboratory Study of Glacier-Bedrock Dynamics Using Centrifuge-Enhanced  Gravity

Michal Lipson & Christine Denny

Nanophotonics Platform for Enabling Memory Trace Visualization In Vivo Over a Lifetime

Latha Venkataraman & Colin Nuckolls

Imaging a Single-Molecule Circuit