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"The Shared Research Computing Policy Advisory Committee (SRCPAC) will be a faculty-dominated group focused on a variety of policy issues related to shared research computing on the Morningside campus. As the use of computational tools spreads to more disciplines to create, collaborate, and disseminate knowledge, there is a commensurate rise in the costs of establishing and maintaining these resources. Shared resources have proven to leverage those available to individuals or small groups, but require careful consideration of the policies governing the shared resource and the basis of the operating model. While final authority and responsibility for such policies customarily rests with the senior administrators of the University, it is vital that the research faculty examine and recommend the policies and practices they deem best suited to accomplishing the research objectives." -- Excerpt from the SRCPAC Charter, November 9, 2011 

Introducing Habanero 

Thirty research groups from around the University have combined over $1 million in funds to purchase a new high performance computing (HPC) cluster, to be named Habanero.

The new cluster will comprise over 200 computer systems, a high speed local network, and a parallel storage server. One dozen systems will include GPU hardware accelerators, allowing certain highly parallelized applications to achieve performance levels far beyond what would be possible on conventional hardware. The service will be managed by CUIT staff under the guidance of a faculty-led committee responsible for overseeing operations.

Participating researchers represent a wide range of disciplines, including astronomy, biochemistry, data science, engineering, neuroscience, oceanography, physics, statistics, and many others.

Habanero is the third generation of centrally-managed HPC clusters at Columbia. The first, named Hotfoot, was launched in 2009, expanded in 2011, and retired in 2015.  The second, Yeti, launched in 2013 and is still in production.

The Habanero cluster is live as of November 2016. 

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