So You’re New to Columbia?

If you are new to Columbia University the following resources will facilitate your search for research funding and ensure that you are informed of the University's research polices and procedures.

Table of Contents

  1. ListServ
  2. InfoEd SPIN Plus
  3. Sponsored Projects Handbook
  4. Clinical Research Handbook
  5. Animal Research Handbook
  6. Research Radiation Safety Handbook
  7. Research Compliance Training Finder
  8. Columbia Technology Ventures


The Office of Research Initiatives utilizes a Listserv to distribute information about funding opportunities to the faculty and staff of the University.  A database of researchers, administrators and research support staff is maintained in order to facilitate targeted distribution of research and funding related announcements based on discipline or departmental affiliation. 

Any faculty or staff at the University who are interested in subscribing to any of these listservs should send an email to  Please indicate research area, title, and department.

InfoEd SPIN Plus

A suite of applications including

  • a searchable funding opportunities database which contains up-to-date national and international government as well as private funding sources
  • an automatic daily alert service that notifies investigators via email of relevant new funding opportunities initiated by a keyword match, and
  • a database which stores profiles for faculty and administrators allowing searches of other investigators' work and research interests to find potential collaborators.

To access SPIN Plus, all you need is your UNI and password to be able to log into the system. Visit InfoEd SPIN Plus

InfoEd SPIN Plus - Finding Funding (PDF)

Sponsored Projects Handbook

The Sponsored Project Handbook has been created to give practical guidance to faculty and administrative staff of Columbia University in the management of sponsored projects funded by both governmental and private organizations. This Handbook will acquaint new investigators and administrators with the research policies and procedures of the University and serve as a reference guide for all investigators and administrators. Visit the Sponsored Projects Handbook

Clinical Research Handbook

The Clinical Research Handbook is a companion resource to the Sponsored Projects Handbook.  It is geared to the clinical research coordinator and again follows the key phases of conducting clinical research at Columbia, from training to audits.  It also includes a chapter on FDA-regulated research.

Animal Research Handbook

The Animal Research Handbook is a companion resource to the Sponsored Projects Handbook.  It is designed to be a reference guide for faculty and staff who are involved in research using animals.

Research Radiation Safety Handbook

This Handbook has been created to give practical guidance to faculty and staff at Columbia University conducting research using sources of ionizing radiation so that the use of such sources is carried out in accordance with applicable laws, regulations and University policies and procedures.

Research Compliance Training Finder

The Research Compliance Training Finder is an interactive tool that identifies which research compliance trainings an individual may be required to take.  Using a series of research-related questions, the Finder creates a personalized training chart of required and recommended trainings, complete with links to the trainings and the responsible offices.  The personalized training chart can be printed out for later reference. The Training Finder was developed by RCT in collaboration with the IRB, IACUC, EH&S and CTO. 

Columbia Technology Ventures 

Columbia Technology Ventures works closely with Columbia researchers to identify, develop, market, and license scientific inventions and technologies, and help launch new start-up companies based on those inventions. Located at both the Medical Center and Morningside campuses, our team offers a wide range of services, including:

  • Patent Filings & IP Management
  • Technology Marketing & Licensing
  • Material & Data Transfer Agreements
  • Confidentiality Agreements
  •  Walk-in office hours for scientists, inventors, and entrepreneurs seeking advice and expertise

And more! Visit or email to learn more, subscribe to our mailing list, and connect with our office.